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C* Programming Language


The number of programming languages is constantly growing, but most of them aren’t solving any issues. Furthermore, most of the general-purpose languages fail to introduce any new design ideas and just shuffle/sample features of older siblings.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Albert Einstein.

So why design a language in the first place?

Language Goals

Language Specs

The Compiler

Most modern languages are built around the LLVM toolchain, which makes it easy to target many platforms out-of-the-box. LLVM is a good starting point, but like most modern compilers - it’s humongous!

Here is the number of files in LLVM and GCC repositories:

Language\Project LLVM GCC
C 0 48,486
C++ 5,139 10,163
Fortran 0 6,627
Ada 0 5,694
Go 0 3,721
Unix Assembly 4,555 579
Other ~5,000 ~1,000
Total ~15,000 files ~75,000 files